8 Simple Steps to Your Ideal Lifestyle Vision

Just because you are shy, socially anxious, or socially phobic, doesn’t mean you are destined to not go after your dreams like a fierce animal in pursuit of its prey. Let’s look at eight simple steps to building up your vision so nothing, not even fears will hold you back from it. Overcome or work through your shyness and anxiety towards your dreams. That’s the whole point right?

Make it so crystal clear what you are going after that achieving your vision becomes inevitable. Consider what you really want and where you hold yourself back due to fear.

Do you want to visit somewhere new? Meet your soulmate? Start to check things off that bucket list? Do you want to make friends and get ahead in the career of your dreams? The solution is building a vision and taking simple and smart actions every day. Go from waiting for things to happen to making decisions in your life.

So let’s not waste another second. Start to design your ideal lifestyle today!

1. What Top 4 Things Do You Want to Have, Be, and Do?

I’m sure you have some type of huge bucket list like I used to have. But, following the Tim Ferriss’ 4 Hour Workweek model, let’s move form long lists where nothing moves to Dreamlining. Set dreams that get you excited about life and then put deadlines on them. If there was nothing holding you back, what five things each you would have to have, be, and do?

Now, narrow that list down to the top four dreams to achieve in six months and twelve months. The four things that would change it all!

Also consider what is holding you back from your vision. Lewis Howes gave himself a goal of making $5,000 for a speech when it was something fearful for him and now he has turned speaking into a massively successful book, podcast, summit, and business empire.

So, what do you want to have, be, and do over the next 6 months and 1 year? Make your list. Go get it!

Need inspiration to develop your vision?:

For a copy of the Dreamlining tools:

Image Credits (from left to right, top to bottom): 1. Dream it, Do it; 2. Map Me There!; 3. Let’s Picnic!; 4. Camera and red nails

2. Make Visual Representations of Your Dreams.

Making your dreams visual will help them to become inevitable. Write them out as if they have already happened and take daily action. Developing a visual is very powerful. Create a pull versus a push towards your ideal lifestyle. One so powerful that nothing will get in the way. Not fears, not shyness, not doubts.

So make your vision board. This can be a 3 dimensional board or a virtual one and print along a certificate of achievement along with the deadline of your dream. There are vision board apps like Jack Canfield’s Free Vision Board App. Jack is best known from the Chicken Soup for the Soul® series.

Take it a step further and make your goal your phone and computer background images and spend time visualizing the steps you will take to make it happen every day.

Credits (from top to bottom): 1. Jack Canfield’s Free Vision Board App; 2. Free Printable Certificates; 3. Unsplash: Amy Treasure

3. What To Do: Today, Tomorrow, and the Next Day.

Maybe like me you create huge lists of things to do and then don’t take action on them at all. I have so many lists of things to do. Instead of impossible, lofty expectations, just figure out what you need to do today, tomorrow and the next day and the take that action! It can be 4 things, one for each of your 4 goals. Make it tangible and make it work for your schedule. These dreams are not going to happen on their own 🙂

What to do:


  1. Dream 1:
  2. Dream 2:
  3. Dream 3:
  4. Dream 4:


  1. Dream 1:
  2. Dream 2:
  3. Dream 3:
  4. Dream 4:

The day after tomorrow:

  1. Dream 1:
  2. Dream 2:
  3. Dream 3:
  4. Dream 4:

4. Create Away-From Motivation and Sticks.

What is more motivating, to work towards something or prevent something really bad from happening. I don’t know about you but the image my stomach hanging over my jeans is pretty motivating. The fear of sitting on the couch and never going anywhere the rest of my life horrifies me as well. Create away-from fear motivators and consequences for not achieving your dreams by their deadline.

Create an anti-vision board and pay an anti-charity like donating to the opposing political party or to a friend by the deadline. There is a site that can make that happen for you and it’s a really fun way to involve others for massive accountability!

5. Journal Your Journey.

Journal your journey so you can enjoy it along the way. Pay attention and feel the good and the bad and document it so you can learn while pursuing your dreams. Be open and honest, this is for your growth. If you notice that something is hard, that may be a skill to learn and develop.

Image Credit: Unsplash, @calliframe

6. Implement Habits and Pursue Skills To Help You.

Think of what daily habits you can incorporate to get you closer and closer to your visions. Consider if there are skills you can learn, a class you can take, or a person who has these skills that you can learn from and spend time with them, even though this may be hard for you.

7. Get Up When You Get Knocked Down.

Get up when you fall down, and expect to fall down, it is all a part of the process. This takes practice so allow yourself to fail and dust yourself off. Start again tomorrow. Commit to yourself to acknowledge your feelings and being okay with messing up.

8. Pay It Forward and Let Us Know How It Goes!

Once you achieve your goal, you can repeat it again and again. It’s a gift you can continue to experience in your life to build your ideal lifestyle. Not it is time to truly reap the benefits by paying it forward. Share your experiences in the comments below, share this article with your friends, be their accountability partner, and subscribe below for more!

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